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By BA “no more 80’s clichés” Antisdel


Is it me, or does every other Bears’ fan have visions of MTV’s “Jackass” running through their head when seeing rookie receiver and newest special teams star Johnny “no ville on the end of my name” Knox?

The rookie has already implanted himself as another big-play threat alongside Devin Hester in the receiving corps in Chicago. Knox took any thoughts of a winning streak out of Detroit fans’ heads with a 102-yard kickoff return to start the second half of the game. I kept thinking we’d see Steve-O hanging off the goalpoast by his man-sack in celebration once he scored.

Speaking of the Lions, oh how a week of welcome reprieve in the Motor City went by the wayside quickly. And this time it may have some lasting effects. Matthew Stafford, their savior and No. 1 pick in last year’s draft, now has a bum knee and will undergo further tests to determine just how bad it is. How bad is it? Well in terms of Detroit, the recession isn’t letting up anytime soon. The term “winning streak” is as foreign in Detroit as words like “fuel efficient” and “hybrid.”

Looking ahead this week, much of the schedule appears to be a snooze fest. I guess it’s time to take a break and start all of that yard work I’ve successfully put off. The two most intriguing matchups, if records were any indicator, would be the Patriots taking on the undefeated Broncos, or the Ravens squaring heads against the 3-1 Bengals. Guess what? They’re still not interesting. Replace the name Broncos or Bengals with Posers because that’s exactly what they are. The rest of the games seem to be a much more of the same. This is a true week of the haves versus the have-nots, and an easy week to pick the winners. If you want to watch for one thing that may make for an interesting Sunday, look to see if the underachieving and totally hapless Titans give Vince Young another shot at glory. They’ve got nothing else to lose.


Sunday, Oct. 11
Cleveland at Buffalo 12 p.m.
Dallas at Kansas City 12 p.m.
Minnesota at St. Louis 12 p.m.
Oakland at NY Giants 12 p.m.
Tampa Bay at Philadelphia 12 p.m.
Pittsburgh at Detroit 12 p.m.
Washington at Carolina 12 p.m.
Cincinnati at Baltimore 12 p.m.
Atlanta at San Francisco 3:05 p.m.
Jacksonville at Seattle 3:15 p.m.
Houston at Arizona 3:15 p.m.
New England at Denver 3:15 p.m.
Indianapolis at Tennessee 7:20 p.m.

Monday, Oct. 12
NY Jets at Miami 7:30 p.m.


NCAA Game Day

College previews


Iowa State (3-2) vs. #16 Kansas (4-0)
Saturday, Oct. 10 • 11:30 a.m.
Lawrence, Kansas

Say what you will, but we at Game Day haven’t gotten this far on conspiracy theories. Just the facts, baby, just the facts. But after yet another gut-wrenching loss by the Iowa State football team — this time a 24-23 puker at the hands of Kansas State last Saturday — we’re beginning to think something is going on up there in Ames. Yes, we, too agree that an honorary doctorate in rocket science is long overdue, thank you. But that doesn’t change the fact that Kansas State’s Emmanuel Lamur leaped 17 – 20 feet in the air to block Iowa State kicker Grant Mahoney’s last-second PAT attempt. But is the 6’4” — sometimes 6’10” — Lamur an ineligible ringer? In Fort Dodge, there’s a section down by the river called The Flats. Hang around there long enough and you’ll hear three phrases: “Gimme a dime bag,” “Run, it’s the 5-0!” and “Lamur,” which, translated, means “from the loins of Cardiff.” You do the math. So, until we get word on the forfeiture, chalk this one up as another yellow stain down the collective Cyclonic leg. But while your fingernails are likely now gone, too, don’t be worried about having to descend to the toenails this weekend, ISU fans. This one will be over at the half. Lamur, baby!
Kansas 44, ISU 17


Michigan (4-1) vs. #12 Iowa (5-0)
Saturday, Oct. 10 • 7:05 p.m.
Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz is the most confused 5-0 coach in the country. After slipping past Arkansas State last Saturday at home — one week after manhandling the then fifth-ranked Penn State on the road, nonetheless — the Tall, Cool, Plain Vanilla One still has a docket full of unknowns about his club. Can quarterback Ricky Stanzi put together four consecutive good quarters? Were UNI and Arkansas State really that good? What must Letterman’s interns look like? One thing Hawk fans have been able to bank on thus far is the Black and Gold D quickly asserting itself as one of the best units in the nation. Game Day won’t even mention how many games it’s been since an opponent has scored a rushing TD on the Hawks, lest we jinx it. Put it this way, though, it’s between seven and nine games. This week, it’s back under the lights for a huge matchup against Michigan, fresh off a 26-20 loss to Michigan State, its first setback of the 2009 campaign. Will the Wolverines be pissed? Probably. But after last season, Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez is familiar enough with the taste of defeat that he knows what to avoid this time around. Problem is, sometimes even knowing isn’t enough.
Iowa 24, Michigan 17

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