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By Michael Swanger


Owl City
“Ocean Eyes”
Universal Republic Records


Owl City, the one-man band of Adam Young, epitomizes the modern digital music age. Depending on your viewpoint, that can be good or bad. Young started making dance music influenced by disco, electronic and ’80s synth-pop in his parents’ basement, which he claims was the result of his insomnia. Sleep deprivation can cause one to make silly decisions, say, like writing quirky, uninteresting songs about travel, weather and dental care as Young does on his new album, “Ocean Eyes.” But that doesn’t matter to Owl City’s fans that flock to the band’s Web sites (nine songs in the Top 100 Electronic Tracks on iTunes, more than 310,000 tracks sold digitally and more than 35 million total plays on MySpace), as long as the tunes are dreamy and atmospheric and offset Young’s shrill vocals and annoying jollity. CV

(Owl City performs Thursday, Oct. 8 at People’s Court at 5 p.m. $15.)



“Bombed to the Stone Age”
Independent release


Local rock-funk-alternative band Bombardier makes its recording debut with the release of its independent album, “Bombed to the Stone Age.” The quartet, featuring singer-guitarist Josh Tenney, lead guitarist Andy Boyd (formerly of SNAFU), bassist Tommy Hoffman and drummer Matt Hoffman, boasts an array of influences (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Envy Corps, The Ramones, Rage Against the Machine) equivalent to the variety of genres it boldly performs on “Bombed to the Stone Age,” including hard rock (title track), grunge (“Icarus”), funk (“Oddibe McFunk”), metal (Extinction”), indie (“Statue of the Muse”), punk (“You’re On Your Own”), pop (“Elixir”) and all of the aforementioned styles combined (“Amber Eyes”). Though the band’s ability to play so many kinds of music keeps versatile listeners on their toes, there within also lies the problem, as the album at times lacks direction. Meanwhile, this is a good introduction to a diverse band that shows promise. Visit CV

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