The sound


by Jared Curtis


MuteMath with As Tall As Lions
People’s Court, Oct. 1



New Orleans rockers MuteMath stormed into town on a cold and dreary night and left the crowd at People’s Court with a warm and fuzzy feeling following an explosive set of new and old tunes. As Tall as Lions, from New York, opened the show with a feeling of Déjà Vu, as they recently opened for Dredg only a few months ago. Unfortunately the band doesn’t sound any better. The five-piece outfit seems to try too hard, shooting for stars, but contining to fall short. Bass player Julio Tavarez shimmied and shaked the entire set, but was drowned out by the overplaying of drummer Cliff Sarcona. The band has the right pieces; they just need to put them together. But if you like their music, you’re in luck because they open for Minus The Bear on Nov. 22 at People’s. MuteMath came out guns-a-blazing under an amazing light display for their first Des Moines venue show. Leader Paul Meany stomped across the stage, switching from his piano to his keytar with ease. Meany oozed confidence and swagger and is poised to take over Brandon Flowers (The Killers) as the preeminent piano front man. If Meany is the commander, then drummer Darren King is the artillery. King’s drumming is ferocious and the focal point of the stage. Having to strap his headphones to his head because of his nonstop movement, King banged and thrashed his tiny set like a beaten stepchild. He even took a bass drum into the crowd, stood on it and lorded over the frantic fans. All four members were on point, easily switching from numerous instruments throughout. Anyone who wasn’t at the MuteMath concert missed one of the best shows at People’s this year. CV — Jared Curtis


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