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The High Trestle Trail and Bridge unveiling is a celebration of travel, nature and connections

What is it about pedaling the globe on two wheels that gets people so excited? The bicycle is one of the world's most primitive modes of transportation, and its technological evolution is miniscule compared to other vehicles — its only changes are in the way of equipment, accessories and fashion, while the bike itself pretty much remains the same: two wheels, a seat, handlebars and a frame. Simple. Yet perhaps, amid this technological chaos, that is what people love about it. Like Grandpa always said, "Keep it simple, stupid."


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Faces in the crowd; names in the news; Halley's comment


Halley Griess, the young councilman from Beaverdale who is not exactly a face you could pick out of a crowd, wrote a piece in The Des Moines Register the other day blasting the Polk County Board of Supervisors, saying most people don't know what the supervisors do, don't know they make $95,806 a year, and "many probably would not even recognize his (or her) elected supervisor's face."

Then he lit into a plan from the county compensation commission that would have given the supervisors and other county elected officials up to $30,000 when they leave office — be it by their choice or the choice of the voters. None of the five supervisors was championing the idea, which came from an independent commission, and last week they unanimously rejected it.Read More>>

Middleman Networking Conference weekend events to educate, entertain


Artists, record label officials, DJs, promoters, retailers and publishers will gather in Des Moines from Friday, April 29 through Sunday, May 1 for the fourth annual Middleman Networking Conference, "Where Music Meets Success in the Midwest." The jam-packed weekend, which includes seminars, workshops, parties and concerts, is the brainchild of local music entrepreneur and artist Bo James, 38, and is designed to educate and entertain.

"Each year we hold the conference during the Drake Relays because so many people come to town, but for the last 10 years or so people have been coming here for parties and concerts," said James, who, years ago, launched the popular DJ showcase "Midwest Spring Bling Blowout" that returns to the Val Air Ballroom on Saturday, April 30 at 9 p.m. ($20). It is one of three events scheduled at the ballroom this weekend, including the "Midwest Freak Fest" on Friday, April 29 ($25) and a car show on Sunday, May 1 at 1 p.m. that includes live music. Other activities affiliated with the conference will be held at various Des Moines clubs.


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Lost in plain sight


As readers remind me, new joints get far more media attention than the tried and true. Reliable older places just aren't perceived as sexy. Even some kinds of new places can become lost in plain sight for that same reason.

Noodles has been serving old-fashioned Calabrese dinners at bargain prices for nearly 20 years. Their recipes go back much further — to Aunt Jenny's, a mid 20th century restaurant where the movers and shakers of Des Moines hung their hats. Jenny Randa was a great grandmother to Noodles' Pete Leonetti. Her marinara is the unofficial red sauce of south side Des Moines. Her manicotti recipe is still followed in Noodles' best pasta dish. Every day, Noodles features a $5.75 pasta lunch special that also includes garlic toast and a soft drink. Dinner specials run $6.75 to $7.50 and include huge servings of pasta and sauce plus hot garlic bread and salads. Pasta dishes are also sold by the pan.


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Say somethin'!

Tell us what you think about local politics, music, restaurants, bars, entertainment or anything else going on in Des Moines.


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