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April 28, 2011 |
By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor


A bicycling beauty


Iowa has been known for many things through the years: education, farming, insurance, potatoes. OK, certainly not potatoes, but the rest apply.

Our state has also become known as a great place to bicycle. Iowa has more than 1,350 miles of multi-use trails and off-road paths, which, in case you are curious, is the same distance from Patea, New Zealand, to Wollongong, Australia.

Iowans of all shapes and sizes, ages and education, have picked up bicycling in both competitive and recreational forms and have transformed many of the less (auto) traveled paths into two-wheeled adventures. The latest example is the much anticipated grand opening of the 25-mile-long High Trestle Trail. The crown jewel of this $14.7 million project is a 13-story bridge that spans a half-mile with 41 rusty beams framing it in an artistic way rarely seen anywhere in Iowa, let alone a rural bike trail.

We are pleased to share the details of this project and the related festivities as this week's cover story, making us even more proud to call Iowa home. CV