It's Your Money

April 28, 2011 |


Paid for by taxpayers in…


West Des Moines


(paid during the week of April 18)


Amount: $227.46

To: Amazon.com

For: Purchase of books for the West Des Moines Public Library.

Amount: $466.17

To: Louise Alcorn, Library steering committee member

For: Reimbursement for travel expenses to library technology conferences in St. Paul, Minn, and Washington D.C. including mileage, meals, drinks and registration.

Amount: $1,533

To: Arrow Stage Lines, (Norfolk, Neb.)

For: Payment for services, bus rental and fuel for the Senior Day Trip, "Mystery Trip," to Elkhorn on April 12 through the Parks and Rec Department.

Amount: $3,732

To: Audiovisual Company (Lenexa, Kan.)

For: Purchase of a carousel installation and hardware, plus training and a maintenance agreement through Jeff Dumermuth with Westcom.

Amount: $30,312.46

To: Acme Printing Company

For: Printing and mailing of West Des Moines Spring & Summer 2011 magazine (issue #24).

Amount: $2,216

To: ADT Security Systems Inc. (Pittsburgh, Penn.)

For: Payment for alarm installation at the maintenance department.

Amount: $644

To: Josalynn Agnew

For: Payment for contracted services to facilitate First Step Dance Class – pom pom class this Spring for the Parks and Rec Department.

Amount: $11,681.93

To: Ahlers & Cooney

For: Payment for services February through March regarding Oakleaf Properties LLC's appeal of the condemnation order.

Amount: $400

To: Alert-All Corporation (New Holland, Penn.)

For: Purchase of materials such as junior firefighter stick-on badges, fire safety wiggle bands and stickers for the fire department's Learnaplooza.

Amount: $9,314.36

To: Brodart Company (Williamsport, Penn.)

For: Purchase of several books for the West Des Moines Public Library.

Amount: $11,471.73

To: Baker and Taylor Inc. (Atlanta, Ga.)

For: Purchase of more books for the West Des Moines Public Library.

Amount: $1,621.30

To: William Carlson (Colorado Springs, Colo.)

For: Payment for trial preparation services regarding the Oakleaf Properties appeal including seven hours of work at $175 per hour and a $396.30 plane ticket.


Salaries and Such


Name Swati A. Dandekar

Title Iowa Senator (D-Marion)

Years experience 8

Annual salary $24,305




With the unanimous approval of the city council, Des Moines Mayor T. M. Franklin Cownie, (R-12), traveled to Washington, D.C., on April 12 for a two-day stay to meet with congressional leaders to discuss City needs at a cost of $1,851 to local tax payers. CV