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Unhipping your hipster friends

From Pabst Blue Ribbon to iPhones to vinyl records — the ugly truth behind hipster trends revealed

For anybody who is blissfully unaware of what a hipster is, the recipe is simple. First, envision someone mixing a hippie with a liberal arts major. Next, add in a pile of self loathing and snobbery. Finally, throw in a large amount of condescending projectile hatred, add hummus and serve up fresh. Read More..

 Civic Skinny
Polk redistrict OK’d; United Way has 2 candidates

No one seems to have noticed, but...

Liz Buck, who once ran Iowa Workforce Development and who is now a senior vice president of United Way

 Locker Room
Bike Ride to Rippey (BRR)

Even though a majority of cyclists heads indoors to fight off the winter blues, one event will bring riders of all skill levels out for a frosty, fun ride known as the Bike Ride to Rippey — or BRR. Read More...

 The Sound
Turner to deliver progressive blues-rock sound to Winter Blues Fest crowd

Turner’s progressive musical mix is a product of his diverse background. Born in Cuba and raised in Evanston, Ill., the 59-year-old musician Read More...

 Food Dude
Unconventional tradition at Café di Scala

Café di Scala makes Des Moines’ best case for keeping things simple. They still only serve dinner — and only three nights a week. They added a brunch service — but just once a month. Read More...

 Political Mercury
Drake prof is ‘Iowa Nice’ and Mount Carmel wise

A Drake University professor stars in a nationally recognized YouTube video that has garnered major media attention for its creative, laugh-out-loud defense of the Hawkeye State. Read More...

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