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A laughing matter

Godfathers of Des Moines’ stand-up scene, including Ben Ulin and Willie Farrell (pictured), paved the way for today’s up-and-coming comedians

It’s a frigid weeknight in January in Des Moines’ East Village. Toss a rock — or more appropriately, a snowball — in any direction and you’d hit nothing but pavement. It’s that cold Read More..

 Civic Skinny
GOP Ignores Guv (again). Buyouts — and Web fees? — at the Register.

Who’s in charge here?

A couple of months ago, in that special legislative election in Linn County, Terry Branstad’s candidate of choice

 Locker Room
Guns and hoses

Local police and firefighters hit the ice for a good cause

Although there might be a bit of a rivalry, local police officers and firefighters come together and work hard to protect residents of our fair city. Read More...

 The Sound
Success of ‘Tonight Is The Night’ is Outasight for New York rapper-singer

New York rapper-singer Richard Andrew, a.k.a. Outasight, has a lot to celebrate when he makes his Iowa debut this week. Read More...

 Food Dude
Namasté India

The lore of most religions includes parables in which some godly presence disguises itself in humble form to test the sincerity of believers. In contemporary vernacular, the moral of such stories is “never judge a book by its cover.” Read More...

 Political Mercury
Think about income inequality ‘In Time,’ not money

Of the thousands of story assignments in my career to this point, one stands out as something of a bay-window-sized view into misplaced human calculation. Read More...

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