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Cover Story: Pets after death

What you may not know about the aftermath of animal remains

Some people believe animals have no souls. Others wince merely upon reading that. In this story, it’s safe to say all involved believe animals indeed have souls, and some go so far as to consider pets their children. Read More..

 Food Dude
Splash wines the charcuterie arts

Charcuterie entered the upper echelon of fine dining here earlier this month when Splash developed a new menu. Like Django they can pair charcuterie with a raw seafood bar and a grill. Read More...

 Civic Skinny
Grassley tweets. Whitver scores, then ducks.

Tom Vilsack “is one of the success stories of the Obama administration,” Al Hunt, the renowned executive editor of Bloomberg, wrote the other day. Read More...

 The Sound
Matlock, former Sex Pistol,survives decades of filth and fury

Des Moines rolled out the red carpet last week for China’s leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping and now local punk rock fans await the chance to spit on the ground Read More...

 Book Review
Shine Shine Shine

Lydia Netzer’s first novel is an inventive take on an unconventional modern family. A fresh voice out of Virginia, Netzer spins the wild tale of the Manns, and through her portrayal Read More...

 Locker Room
Great Rivers Rowers’ Row

Des Moines rowing club hosts virtual races

Although the frozen rivers and lakes can keep competitive rowers off the water during the winter months, it doesn’t stop them from heading indoors to compete, which is exactly why the Des Moines Rowing Club Read More...

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