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Cover Story: Loose Canons

With one member of The Twelve Canons band battling serious addiction, the duo records album from a mental institution

The Twelve Canons has a problem.

That’s nothing new. Hell, most bands have problems. Guns N’ Roses had heroin, The Beatles had Yoko, and The Black Eyed Peas have to work under the lingering, heavy cloud of whatever Faustian bargain they struck that allows them to have a career in the first place. Read More..

 Food Dude
The sandwiches of urban renewal

Chip Coil closed The Library last year after a 19-year run hosting the Drake community with scratch nachos, cheap beer and the city’s pithiest little billboard. With only 38 seats, the place seemed an unlikely fit for new owners Read More...

 Civic Skinny
Ferent$ vs. Rhoad$. And an irate letter to the Bishop.

Iowa State University officials and football coach Paul Rhoads finally signed the coach’s new contract the other day and sent it out to anyone who asked. Cityview asked. Read More...

 The Sound
G. Love fully embraces his blues roots on ‘Fixin’ To Die’

The late blues master Willie Dixon once said, “The blues is the roots and the other musics are the fruits.” That’s the truth. So in an age when most musicians who taste the fruits of success abandon their roots

 Political Mercury
Limbaugh’s Cheetos moment reveals transactional view of women

Ignoring Richard Nixon’s wise rule that public figures should never attack those with lesser standing and power than themselves Read More...

 Locker Room
Climb Iowa

Climb year round at indoor facility

The idea of a climbing wall in Grimes might have seemed like a strange location, but with the addition of the Longview Golf Centre Read More...

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