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Cover Story: When Irish eyes are smiling

The Irish have many traditions, but the one they’re most known and loved for is drinking beer. It’s a running joke that the Irish are expert boozers — that the credentials are engrained in their DNA, passed down from generation to generation and dating back to some sot in Ireland — but just because it’s a joke does not mean it’s untrue. Read More..

 The Sound
New live music venue Wooly’s to open in the East Village

For six years, Sam Summers, owner of First Fleet Concerts, has been promoting concerts from Omaha, to Des Moines, to Iowa City and back. Now he has one to call his own as he prepares to open Wooly’s this week

 Civic Skinny
A prof studies quilting in Ireland. And ‘creative nonfiction.’

Your tax and tuition dollars at work: Marybeth C. Stalp is an associate professor of sociology, anthropology and criminology at the University of Northern Iowa Read More...

 Food Dude
Restaurant bars and the madness of March

Christopher’s is a Beaverdale institution with a legendary bar dating to the legalization of liquor by the drink. It’s rectangular so people face each other instead of walls. Read More...

 Political Mercury
Why Medicare Viagra ban is ruining America’s public golf courses

In a crammed catalog of things I know happen but just don’t want to think about — in a kind of running and screaming and kicking way — the human enterprise Read More...

 Locker Room
The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge

Compete against rival teams in video game competitions

Although it doesn’t take an ounce of physical activity, video gaming offers some of the fiercest competition on the planet. Read More...

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