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Cover Story: Smoked!

Banned and often shunned to the outdoors, Des Moines cigar lovers are still smokin’.

In the old days, cigars were known as the exclusive smoking choice of world leaders and mob bosses. It’s been said that Great Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill smoked so much — an estimated 250,000 stogies in his lifetime — that the Cubans named a cigar after him. Read More..

 The Sound
Dev: Life of a Lifeless Party

The King is dead: Long live the King. Pop music, by its very definition, is in a near constant state of turnover and reinvention. The most common knock against pop is that it’s usually soulless and commercial, but didn’t Gary Coleman teach us that it takes different strokes to move the world?

 Civic Skinny
Oops. GOP white guys didn’t really mean ‘in spades.’ Elbert, Witosky and Hansen are leaving the Register

Uh, what we meant, was, uh, we just weren’t thinking, uh, it’s not like it sounds. Or, what our clients meant to say was. ... Read More...

 Food Dude
Uniq’s unique

Uniq Saysinuan’s one-room café is painted a warm yellow with bodhisattvas for good luck and a large, high-definition TV for distraction. On occasions when Uniq was working alone or with other women Read More...

 Political Mercury
King predicts most expensive Congressional race in Iowa history

In an interview, Vilsack said she would bring a different approach to Congress than King has provided for the last decade. Read More...

 Locker Room
Iowa Cubs

I-Cubs return with new manager and playoff aspirations

The Iowa Cubs are gung-ho for the 2012 season and have taken a number of steps, including hiring new manager Dave Bialas, in an attempt to return to the playoffs ... Read More...

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