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Cover Story: Derby supremacy

Local roller derby teams battle it out for bragging rights

The first cover story I pitched as a Cityview writer in 2007 was a profile on the Mid Iowa Rollers (“Belles of the Flat Track,” Aug. 9, 2007), the local roller derby team that had just recently started skating in the metro. Half a decade later, I’ve returned to the flat track. The Mid Iowa Rollers (MIR) have continued to thrive, but a second team — the Des Moines Derby Dames (Dames) — has also formed, dividing the town into two factions Read More..

 The Sound
GDP: Supporting local music so you don’t have to

Local music isn’t a pet. It’s not an appliance or some gadget in your computer bag. You don’t own it; the community isn’t there to serve your needs. If you’re going to draw a parallel to anything, local music is a relationship.

 Civic Skinny
Branstad and Knapp are buddies; a Friday the 13th party

Believe it or not: Terry Branstad called Bill Knapp a few weeks ago and asked if they could meet. Sure, said Knapp, so Branstad went to his office. Read More...

 Food Dude
Branding ironies

“Pink slime” might accidentally become the most effective anti-brand in marketing history. It was coined in a 2002 private email by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientist Gerald Zirnstein Read More...

 Political Mercury
For King, no stretchers in street, but consistency question

Here is Congressman Steve King’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act, health reform widely known as Obamacare: It’s an Orwellian overreach Read More...

 Locker Room
Iowa Crush

Some of the toughest chicks in town

Are you ready for some football? Fans better be as the Iowa Crush, Des Moines’ original women’s tackle football team, returns to action in their home opener on Saturday Read More...

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