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Cover Story: Behind bars

The facts of life in Iowa’s prisons

Over the last three decades, Iowa’s prison population has skyrocketed — from a total of 2,276 inmates in 1980 to 8,492 last Thursday, according to the Iowa Department of Corrections.

That’s a 273 percent jump.

Is this reflective of an Iowa that’s a more frightening place — or looking at it the other way, a safer place — with three times as many people behind bars? Read More..

 The Sound
Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em

Slaughterhouse deserves a salute for a tour schedule that is nothing short of break-neck. The Des Moines show will be the group’s 13th city in 15 days. And they don’t stop there, playing in Omaha the next night and 11 more cities in as many days.

 Civic Skinny
Romney is not a candidate; Steinke takes off the gloves

Gov. Terry Branstad’s bold endorsement of Mitt Romney last Tuesday — an hour or so before Rick Santorum dropped out — was in a press release on the governor’s official letterhead. Read More...

 Food Dude
The (new) standard

The Standard martini with New Amsterdam gin and white vermouth was offered with the “dirty” option of a splash of olive brine and three green olives. Read More...

 Political Mercury
Americans Elect: irrelevant or surprise White House spoiler?

A national non-profit and non-partisan organization, Americans Elect, is well on its way to ballot access in all 50 states and plans to hold Read More...

 Locker Room
Eight seconds or bust

The toughest bull riders in the world take over Wells Fargo Arena

Eight seconds might not seem like a long time, but try jumping on the back of a 2,000-pound bull, and it won’t seem so easy. For 20 years, the Professional Bull Riders series (PBR) Read More...

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