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May 17, 2012
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Kosama Warrior Mud Run

By Jared Curtis

Just one of the many obstacles that await competitors in the Kosama Warrior Mud Run on Saturday, May 19 at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park, 4051 Dean Ave. To register or to find information on all of Sleepy Hollows’ upcoming endurance races, visit

Get ready for mud, sweat and tears

Endurance races or adventure racing have quickly become one of the most popular events in the country as competitors battle it out over a grueling course through a variety of elements including mud, water and fire. This growing trend is why Sleepy Hollow Sports Park decided to team up with Kosama for the 5K Kosama Warrior Mud Run on Saturday, May 19.

“We were already looking to create an event like this and Kosama came to us with the idea, so it worked out for both of us,” said Max Kenkel, general manger of Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.

Along with the Kosama Warrior Mud Run, Sleepy Hollow will also host the Kosama Warrior Water Run (July 14), the Aspen Warrior Fire Run (Aug. 25) and the Run of the Living Dead (Oct. 13). Those who register for all four events can receive a discount.

“In general I think people are becoming bored competing in a regular 5K race,” Kenkel said. “These endurance races are immensely popular, and we have a great facility where we can use every element to create different obstacles.”

Kenkel said the Mud Run will feature 30 different obstacles where competitors must climb walls, crawl over debris and through mud, jump over fire and finish with a massive 30-foot mountain of dirt.

“We’re advertising 30 obstacles in the race, but it’s probably closer to 50 because we had a lot of fun coming up with ways to get people muddy,” he laughed. “There will be about 10-15 obstacles that will be a part of every race, but the rest will be different as we focus on the other race themes.”

With all of the elements involved, Kenkel wants to assure everyone the event is safe.

“Some of the touring races don’t have enough help sometimes, so we made sure and focused on the safety aspect,” he said. “Every obstacle has a pass, so if you don’t think you can complete the challenge, you can go around. But if you want to be in the running for the prizes, you have to complete each course.”

Interested participants can register ($65) online or the day of the event (use the code KOSAMA12 and save $5). Cash prizes will be awarded to the top finishers in each age division and an overall prize for the top male and female finisher. Three bands and a DJ will perform throughout the day. The event is free for spectators, and there will be drink specials.

“All of the competitors will receive free food and beer, as we wanted to create a big party atmosphere and encourage people to hang out after the race,” Kenkel said.

Kenkel encourages everyone, regardless of how physically fit they are, to experience the Mud Run.

“You don’t have to be ‘Tony Fitness’ to compete; anyone can do it no matter if you’re in shape or out of shape,” he said. “You can run a 5K almost every weekend, but you won’t find a more unique experience than at the Mud Run. Come out, have some fun and get muddy.” CV

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