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Cover Story: Show & tell

Take a stroll to summer cruise nights and car shows
around the metro

“I never want to part with her you see, this little car means a heck of a lot to me,” sang Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys in “This Car of Mine.”

That sentiment holds true today as hundreds of classic car owners throughout the metro gas up and hit the road on a weekly basis, attending numerous cruise nights. Read More..

 The Sound
Bruce Hornsby: making noise with the best of them

If you’re only familiar with Bruce Hornsby thanks to a quarter-century-old pop song, you’re missing the bigger picture. For more than three decades of music, Hornsby has developed a reputation as a tireless worker and endlessly creative song writer. Read More...

 Civic Skinny
How U of Iowa subsidizes Pollock display; Doug True blabs; Knapp goes to GOP event

The University of Iowa and the federal government are still arguing about who is going to finance a new art museum Read More...

 Food Dude
Size matters at Twin Peaks

Last month’s opening of the first Twin Peaks in Iowa was thoroughly covered by the media. Still, there’s much more, and much less, than meets the eye at the local version of this Texas “breastaurant” chain. Read More...

 Political Mercury
Why we need at least six political parties

Raising the topic of more viable parties in American politics is an awful lot like speculating about a cure for the common cold. It would seem inevitable, and do so much good. Read More...

 Locker Room
Iowa Senior Olympics

Age is just a number, and for the past 26 years older athletes have proved that theory correct as they compete for medals and glory at the annual Iowa Senior Olympics. Read More...

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