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Cover Story: Stop thief

Stealing a bicycle in Des Moines is easy. Getting caught? That’s another story.

I’d never stolen a bike before. I wasn’t even completely sure how to go about it, but I’d been told that it wasn’t that difficult. So I went downtown on an oppressively hot afternoon and scoped out places in the East Village. I’d found my target — a dark brown fixed gear — chained up outside Zombie Burger. Read More..

 The Sound
Jazz in July: a grand tradition

For three decades, the Metro Arts Alliance has been doing its part to keep the Jazz tradition alive and well in central Iowa through Jazz in July. Just as importantly, they’re doing so in a unique and important way: Rather than staging the entire series at a single venue Read More...

 Civic Skinny
Sebring says ‘oops!’ GM sues Ramsey. ‘WINK.’

Let’s see if we have this right:

1. Former Des Moines Public Schools superintendent Nancy Sebring sues the school district to keep the rest of her emails secret, and

 Food Dude
Louie’s Wine Dive

Des Moines’ restaurant business has been a magnet for recruiting creative young talent. Dom Iannarelli (Splash, Jethro’s), Enosh Kelley (Bistro Montage) and much of the Full Court Press gang (eight unique restaurants) came from other parts of Iowa. Read More...

 Political Mercury
Move to Iowa: We give you 8 more weeks a year

As a former resident of the Washington, D.C., area I did the commute thing — for four years.

It took me about 45 minutes to get to work

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