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Cover Story: Beer me!

Sample as many as 450 beers, rain or shine this Saturday, July 14 from 3-7 p.m.

Imagine. Poor Augustus Gloop — Willy Wonka’s infamous portly glutton — touring the daunting Chocolate Factory: Long since having digested the morning’s belt-buster breakfast, his stomach growls and churns with anticipation, while oompa loompas fill the atmosphere with the torturous sweet and salty smells of the day’s fresh batches of goodies. Gloop anxiously follows his quirky candy-making god, Mr. Wonka, down the long corridors of the factory, brimming with ravenous intent… about to burst! Read More..

 The Sound
Costner visits old themes with Modern West

Kevin Costner is a man of many talents. Over the years, he has staked his claim as actor, director, producer (winner of two Academy Awards and six Golden Raspberries), athlete (he’s a scratch golfer and performed all his own on-camera work Read More...

 Civic Skinny
Register circulation droops. Boswell crashes ceremony.

Numbers, numbers, numbers:

Year-to-year circulation of the daily Register dropped sharply in the 12 months ending March 25. And that was before the paper raised its prices

 Food Dude
You say tomato, I say Pomodoro’s

Readers’ tips keep delivering nice surprises. Tip No. 1 this week took me to Pomodoro’s (“Tomato’s” in Italian), which is not part of the similarly named farm-to-table chain based in San Francisco. Read More...

 Political Mercury
Dude, why won’t my car start?

So you leave a bar or restaurant, get in your car or sport-utility vehicle, turn the ignition, and ... nothing. Or maybe a computer voice, a Detroit-fashioned Hal, a Siri in your Chevy, scolds Read More...

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