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Cover Story: There she is...

Jayde Henry’s journey to become Ms. Wheelchair America.

Parking meters are 55 inches high. You’re not expected to be able to do much with that information. It’s not even something you think about all that often because, well, they’re just parking meters. But things like 55-inch parking meters become something you notice when your line of sight is only 44 inches. Welcome to Jayde Henry’s world. Read More..

 The Sound
Meet: Madam Jules

Madam Jules stands unique in Des Moines’ alt rock scene, for a couple of reasons. Most obviously, there is the talent of its singer/songwriter, the titular Julia Mahlstadt.

“I started writing music, actually started doing hip-hop and R&B hooks

 Civic Skinny
Knapp looks ahead, U of Iowa looks out of state

Bill Knapp turned 86 years old this week. Most guys his age don’t buy green bananas. They think the short term is this afternoon, the long term is tomorrow. Read More...

 Food Dude
Reader tips — Shogun and Sonora

My month of checking out reader tips moved to Hickman Road after hearing that I had missed a call earlier this year when proclaiming Eastern Sushi & Hibachi Buffet (ESHB) the best East Asian buffet in central Iowa. Read More...

 Political Mercury
Romney avatar released into real world

In his leafy prep days at Michigan’s elite Cranbrook School, the Mittster earned a reputation as something of a prankster. Read More...

 Locker Room
Ostrich and camel races

Horses take a back seat to unique racing experience

From April through October, Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino provides central Iowans with plenty of heart-pounding action as live thoroughbred and quarter horse racing takes over the track. Read More...

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