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Cover Story: Records and rankings

Lists. Lists. And more lists.

If there’s one thing we as a society like more than lists, it’s lists of lists. Whether it’s the movies we saw, the websites we frequented or the STDs we had the best chance of contracting, we love to know about the facts and figures that make up a year. So without further ado, we bring you another edition of Cityview’s Records and Rankings, 2012. Read More..

 The Sound
Kristofferson: performing ‘until they throw dirt on me’

Kris Kristofferson has done more than you. Sure, that can be said of just about any commercially-successful musician, but for Kristofferson, there’s more to it. He’s a member of three Halls of Fame ...

 Civic Skinny
Will Sally stay? How about Ben? And will Nancy never learn?

The Board of Regents meets in executive session on Thursday morning of this week to evaluate the work of the presidents of the three state universities. Read More...

 Food Dude
Something old, something new

A significant anniversary and a long-awaited opening hit the metro in late July. Age before beauty. George the Chili King (GCK) celebrated 60 years on Hickman Road with 1950s costumes, hula-hoops, vintage cars, ... Read More...

 Political Mercury
Can going to the movies ever be the same again?

Eight dollars is a spectacularly fine price for a two-hour ride in a time machine.

A reprieve from reality.

An escape into the lives and emotions

 Locker Room
Devour Des Moines

Track and food event takes over the metro

As endurance/adventure races have caught on and become entertaining and challenging for participants, a new breed of contests is also starting to emerge — food races. Read More...

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