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Cover Story: 2012 Iowa State Fair Scratch & Sniff Issue

Photos by Jared Curtis, Amber Williams and Dan Hodges

The sights, sounds and ooohhh, the smells of the Iowa State Fair brought to you like never before. Read More..

 The Sound
Twenty years of Squidboy

They’re a band with a sound that passed out of the mainstream consciousness 15 years ago. They don’t play live often enough to get the “local institution” moniker, and they aren’t popular enough to warrant playing any more shows than they do. Read More...

 Civic Skinny
Why your plane was late. And what are ‘high marks?’

If you were one of the 128 people who had to get off a Florida-bound plane and go through security again at the Des Moines airport on March 18 of last year, here’s who you should be pissed at Read More...

 Food Dude
Iowa’s First now at Splash

From Wal-Mart to the smallest cafés, food businesses want more fresh and local products. One aspect of farm to fork dining has been particularly challenging in Iowa, though. Read More...

 Political Mercury
Vilsack: King’s comments reveal un-Iowan outlook

Democratic congressional candidate Christie Vilsack said Sunday she’d distinguish herself from firebrand conservative Steve King by making the federal office more local in focus. Read More...

 Locker Room
Demolition Derby

Car-crashing action takes over the grandstand

Although the many people head to the Iowa State Fair Grandstand to listen to their favorite musicians, it wouldn’t be a fair without some type of car smashing. Read More...

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