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Cover Story: Ultimate place for steak challenge

We invite you to vote on your top Iowa restaurant to “get a good steak.” Help decide who makes the cut.

Food is the new politics. Both subjects inspire intense loyalties that are usually only shared by a minority. Just as Occupy Wall Street fanatics can’t understand how anyone could support supply-side economics, deep dish pizza fans can’t understand how others could prefer tavern-style pizza. If anything, food arguments are more splintered than political ones. Read More..

The Sound
Lindsey Buckingham brings his solo act to Hoyt Sherman

Lindsey Buckingham, if you’ll pardon some cheap coinage of a classic song title, goes his own way. From his early Buckingham-Nicks work, to his finger-picking style, to the sound of his solo albums, Buckingham has made his stamp on the musical world Read More...

Civic Skinny
Athletic budgets explained. Barbara Mack remembered

At the three state universities, the athletic departments are considered “auxiliary enterprises,” like the housing departments or the parking departments or the student-health facilities. Read More...

Food Dude
Mojo’s thinks fresh

Mojo’s appears to be displaced on 86th — an island of fresh thinking in an asphalt sea of restaurant conformity. It’s just a few blocks north of an intersection where six different franchise restaurants serve nearly identical menus. Read More...

Political Mercury
An Atheist-inspired fox in the Republican right’s hen house

Of the voluminous reporting and opining about Republican vice
-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, one quote is quite striking.

Locker Room
Historic baseball

As summer comes to a close, so does the baseball season. And although the Iowa Cubs are done with home games for the year, you have one more chance to hear the crack of the bat, even if you have to step back in time to do it Read More...

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