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Cover Story: How Iowa became a presidential battleground state

...and why our six Electoral College votes are key

Iowa is one of eight states that have become the center of the political universe. As one of the coveted battleground states in the upcoming general election, the Obama and Romney campaigns are seeking Iowa’s six Electoral College votes on their way to the magic number of 270. Read More..

The Sound
Cosmosamantics ‘3 Piece Junkband Tour’ comes to Caspe Terrace

Michael Marcus cut his teeth listening to blues albums in San Francisco in the 1960s, wanting to emulate people like Sonny Sitt and Charlie “Bird” Parker. Read More...

Civic Skinny
How Iowa pays its dues — to 437 organizations

When Terry Branstad ran for office this latest time, he promised to create 200,000 jobs in five years. A year-and-a-half has passed. According to the latest figures from the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency Read More...

Food Dude
Crème Cupcakes and Dessert Bar

If any new trend is upon us, it’s an era of stand-alone dessert shops. One restaurant equipment sales rep recently said he’s never seen anything like the “fro-yo” (frozen yogurt) craze that opened in the metro last year Read More...

Political Mercury
Vilsack goes on offensive in first debate

Democratic congressional candidate Christie Vilsack, who has talked of her fondness for hunting, came loaded for political bear Thursday night in the first 4th District debate on WHO Radio. Read More...

 Locker Room
Go Over the Edge for a good cause… if you’re brave enough

Anne Buscher, a senior at Dowling Catholic High School, plans to drop herself over the edge of the 345-foot Financial Center in Des Moines. Joining her will be nearly 100 others in Over The Edge Read More...

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